a.s.t.r.a. refrigeranti (astra) was founded in 1948 as 'Officina Oberti', as continuation of the existing small 36 m2 business activity created by Nicola Oberti in 1930 in the center of Alessandria city.
Originally dedicated only to car and truck radiator maintenance, business grew quickly in the years of the Italian economic boom after the II World War making astra a Radiators Manufacturing (250 m2) in 1955, and subsequently to Heat Exchangers and Air Coolers business with the creation of the workshop in Pietra Marazzi in 1969 (very well visible and known to all the people used to go through the highway Torino-Piacenza between Alessandria East and West connections).
In 2013 another expansion step moving both HQs and Workshop in a brand new facility in Alessandria Industrial area Spinetta Marengo: 6’800 m2 manufacturing area, 1’200 m2 Office with a total area of 16’000 m2.
In 2016 we become part of Baglioni Group, an international company worldwide leader in manufacturing Pressure Vessels in Series, with workshops in three continents Europe, US and China. The acquisition is part of Baglioni strategy in enlarging their Oil & Gas business in Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels started already in 2012 with the creation of aircom Oil & Gas branch and subsequent acquisition of Special Tank in 2015.
astra is now Baglioni Group Oil and Gas Division incorporating the all the activities in one center of excellence, which has been now concentrated in a large and modern new workshop and HQs in Galliate (NO), 40 km west Milan.
A robust organization is now in place enabling astra to cope with the Oil & Gas international business requirements.
A clear and lean Organization Chart with related Role and Responsibility is identified to assign direct responsibility and related accountability in the aim to be effective on business and guide the company in its path of continuous improvement growth. Quality and Sales are committed in gather market and project feedback to fed the improvement process.
A dedicated Project Management structure is in place to manage all the project in a professional and structured way, to make sure that all requirement are fulfilled in due time.
A dedicated project team is therefore created for each job, with direct involvement and commitment on requirements and time schedule of all the project specialists involved: project engineer, QC engineer, mechanical engineer, project buyer, production engineer, document control
Exchange of Project Documentation are managed by the team in a professional way with dedicated resources of Document Control.
A strong Team of professional people motivated around our company vision and values.
The right mix of very well experienced and youth engineers provides a fresh and enthusiastic atmosphere prone in creating value for our clients and stakeholders.

Astra is part of Baglioni Group
Our values
Focused on our clients needs
Quality / Solutions / Competitiveness / Fast response in deliveries
Worldwide presence
US – North Carolina and Alabama
Europe Italy with HQs + 7 plants
China – Shanghai (2 plants)
3 divisions
SPV Standard Series Tanks
SPE Special Series Pressure Vessel
astra Oil&Gas business
Baglioni Group
International Group Worldwide leader in Pressure Vessels Series Production, with 800+ employs spread in 11 Manufacture locations in US, Europe and China.

10 Plants worldwide
~115 Mln €/Year turnover
~800 Employees
~26 Mln € investments (2010/2016)